Occupational Health and Safety

Shine Hospitality Perth is fully committed to the provision of the highest level of Occupational Health and Safety to its entire staff, subcontractors and Clients.

Our company believes in the provision of all aspects of health and safety to its entire staff within the workplace, as an integral part and factor within any job or project throughout the workplace.

In demonstration of the above commitment, our company aims to:

  • Provide and maintain safe cleaning equipment
  • Implement safe systems of work within the work place
  • Arrange and monitor the safe use, storage and transportation of all materials
  • Provide employees and contractors with regular information, training and supervision to ensure their safety
  • Maintain information and all records relating to employees’ health and safety.

The provision and maintenance of occupation and safety is the responsibility of all employees and management. In order to achieve a healthy organisation, it is important that everyone accepts responsibility for the health and well-being of everyone within the Workplace.

Though all personnel within Shine Hospitality Perth have specific responsibilities, as detailed within their role / position description, the following broadly encompass them:
Area supervisors will promote the concepts of Occupational Health and Safety, hold managers and their reporting officers responsible for their specific responsibilities within their area, and ensure that support to all is provided for the implementation for practical measures to ensure that work areas they supervise are safe without risk to health.

Managers and their reporting officers are responsible to ensure that all practical measures and steps have been taken to ensure and address any identifiable risks to health. This includes cooperating fully with any directives from Area Supervisors, and reporting officers or other staff that are aimed at maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. It also includes the reporting of any unhealthy conditions and reporting accidents / incidents promptly.

Employees, visitors and contractors are expected to abide and cooperate with the company’s OH&S programs.