Quality Control

Our structure was purposefully created to be flexible, to meet every one of our client’s needs. Our structure also means there are multiple levels of support for the cleaning staff. All regular contracts are supported by an Area Supervisor who has the assistance of mobile cleaners available to perform more specialised cleaning such as high dusting, while offering the backup needed when illness prevents a regular cleaner from performing their daily tasks.

Shine Hospitality Perth provides customised, designed quality cleaning programs and services. When designing a service program, it is important for us to establish how many hours will be required to service any one site. After we have calculated the total amount of hours required, each floor area is broken up into rostered service tasks, which cleaners are then assigned to. To ensure that all the desired tasks are completed, we instruct our service personnel to complete the checklist at which time the leading hand must sign off.

This essential process ensures that all areas are completed and gives our Area Supervisors a reference check as to which employee is responsible for any deficient area.
As part of Shine’s service we provide a weekly inspection to be completed by our Area Supervisor. With the use of iAuditor they are able to complete an inspection report and analyse any efficiencies and implement any changes to our service program.